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This has been a crazy busy week! Not only are we cranking out more drinks that we’ve ever done, but we also added a bunch of new stuff to our menu! Here’s da scoops:

  1. Brown Sugar Milk Tea (found under Signature Milk Tea on our online ordering page). If you’re new to milk tea, you HAVE to try this one! Considered by boba fans as a essential milk tea flavor profile. If you’re a boba veteran, then you already know 😉
  2. Brown Sugar Matcha Milk Tea. An interesting twist on the brown sugar classic. Try the Brown Sugar MT first, then this variation after. You’re on your way to being a bonafide boba connoisseur!
  3. Brown Sugar Boba Pops. What? Boba Milk Tea on a stick? Please say that it’s true…well, it IS! These suckers (get it?) are limited, so come on by and snag one while you can.
  4. Wahiawa Sakura Milk Tea. We saved the best for last, because, well, it’s Wahiawa. We know that we are a unique and special bunch, so doesn’t it make sense to have a drink that captures that uniqueness? I say YES! Starting with a Jasmine tea base, we hand-craft this drink with subtle flavors that combine a lightly floral with a specially-designed flavor profile, then top it off with crystal pink Sakura Boba. Oh, did we tell you that we wrap the potion in condensed milk walls? You’ll be daydreaming about sitting on a swing under a special sakura tree somewhere in Wahiawa…
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